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Non Dispensing Pharmacy

Non – Dispensing pharmacy

Non – Dispensing pharmacy:

Transparent Pharmacy works with you and your patients to provide the absolute best treatment solutions that meet both you and your patient’s needs. Our state-of-the-art pharmacy allows us to provide elegant and effective solutions to complex therapeutic challenges.

We work with our physicians to set their office as a Non Dispensing Pharmacy site enabling their office to administer Single NDC Collection Kit and Single NDC Injectable Kits.

In office Non Dispensing Pharmacy:

  • Single NDC DNA Collection Kit
  • Single NDC Urine Collection Kit
  • Single NDC Injectable Kits

We know the process intricacies and hand hold our physicians every step of the grueling 6 to 8 week process. We are able to anticipate any issues or problems before they occur. We keep our physicians informed of where they are in the process.

We are a national distributor and our prices on the kits are unbeatable, enabling our physicians to capture most of the profits.

During the 6 to 8 weeks process while our physicians are getting their Non Dispensing Pharmacy Number as well as getting set up with Caremark and Express Scripts, we will stock their offices with the required kits and work with our national pharmacy to run any kits that the physician office may need to administer in the interim.