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Kits, Patches & Gels

Wellness / Metabolic Supplements

Transparent Pharmacy works with you and your patients to provide the absolute best treatment solutions that meet both your patient’s needs. Our state-of-the-art pharmacy allows us to provide elegant and effective solutions to complex therapeutic challenges.

Our specialty product includes:

  • Single NDC Compound Kits
  • Single NDC Patches
  • Single NDC Gels

With our topical compound kits, patches and gels, the patient is able to directly treat the source of neuropathic and chronic pain.

Single NDC (National Distributor Code) products may be covered by patient’s insurance in case the compounded creams may not be. If the compounded creams are not covered, we will work with the physicians to find the right alternatives.

We also have discount cards for the patients to ensure that their co-pays and co-insurances can be minimized. We work with patients and their budgets to ensure that they have minimum out of pocket costs. We will work with the patients in case they are experiencing any financial hardships and get the right products to them so that they can start feeling better soon.

For us customer service and speed of fulfilment of the script is of utmost importance. We will get the medications to the patients via overnight mail and/or as soon as possible.

Having trouble getting compounded medications approved by insurance for your patients!!

Send us your Rejects!!

We offer innovative alternatives to compounded creams. With your consent, we will substitute the compounded creams with suitable Compound Kits, Patches or Gels.

Key Benefits to Compounded Medications